Step-By-Step Health Coaching Program:
How to Heal Chronic Low Back Pain and Get Back into the Game of Life in 12 Weeks


Who is this program for: People…

  • In their 20s to 50s
  • Who have low back pain that’s lasted for more than three months that is debilitating
  • Who otherwise had been healthy and active before
  • Who have already seen multiple doctors to rule out serious causes (such as cancer metastasized to the vertebrae, vertebral stress fracture, epidural abscess.etc.)
  • Who have a diagnosis of low back muscle strain, degenerative disc disease or herniated disc, ruptured disc or of a non-specific cause. etc.
  • Whose low back pain is not getting better with pharmaceuticals (narcotics, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, muscle relaxants, antidepressants), epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy sessions, or self-implemented exercises
  • Who are frustrated with the Western conventional medicine
  • Who want to avoid getting surgery
  • Who are motivated to commit to more holistic approaches of therapy in a structured way at home for 12weeks to recover and get back to being physically active in life.
  • Who are willing to invest their time and money into their life-long health and wellness rather than merely seek temporary pain relief
  • Who are not afraid of asking for help from an expert
  • Who are readily coachable
  • Who are open-minded to holistic medicine modalities
  • Who will implement right away what they will learn from the program everyday
  • Who are truly consistent ACTION-TAKERS!

This program is NOT for: People….

  • Who are seeking a quick magic overnight fix
  • Who only complain and make excuses about their bad circumstances
  • Who don’t ask for help when they need it
  • Who are not committed to do anything about healing themselves
  • Who are not willing to invest time, money and effort into their long-term health and wellness
  • Who are resistant to making healthy life changes
  • Who don’t put into practice what they learn
  • Who settle for an inactive sedentary life and being chronically disabled

What to expect from this program:

  • A Series of Inspirational Audio Lectures to develop a positive mindset
  • A Detailed Nutrition Plan
  • An Easy-to-implement Herbal Supplement Plan
  • A series of video tutorials of demonstrations of the most effective therapeutic exercises and yoga poses you easily do at home to heal low back pain
  • A series of audio-recordings of guided mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises
  • Actionable tips to maintain good posture and prevent re-injuries in everyday life.
  • A detailed day-to-day workout plan to fit into any busy schedule at home or at the office at your own pace.  You don’t need to worry about making appointment at an outside office or dealing with traffic to get to anywhere for your treatments.
  • A step-by-step guide from Day 1 to Day 84 that eliminates all the guesswork.
  • As long as you diligently and consistent follow my plan consistently dedicating 30-45min a day to workouts, you can trust that your low back health will improve much and you will regain your everyday function in 12 weeks.
  • You can schedule up to three 30-minute Coaching calls with me via FaceTime or Skype for more individualized consultations and accountability within the 12 weeks.
  • Enrolling in this program will bring you a much more long-lasting healthy transformation rather than getting temporary pain relief from sporadically seeing chiropractic doctors, pain management doctors, physical therapists, orthopedic doctors, etc.
  • Undergoing this program will empower you with the Cognitive tools, Nutritional tools, Psychological Tools, Medical Tools, Relaxation Tools and Physical Tools which you can continue to integrate into your daily living even after the 12-week program to maintain your optimal health for the rest of your life.


Why Work with Me?

My Credentials:
  • BS in Chemical Biology, University of California at Berkeley
  • MD from University of California at Davis School of Medicine
  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Yoga Alliance / Mitchel Bleier Yoga
  • Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Post-graduate Training at University of Southern California Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Certified Medical Acupuncturist through Academy of Pain Research, San Francisco with additional 300-hr training in Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Currently undergoing Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil


  • A Licensed Physician practicing Integrative Medicine / Medical Acupuncture / Chinese Herbal Medicine in Northern California
  • A former low back pain patient for 2 years and then fully recovered through studying and applying Integrative Medicine into my life.  Now I’m back to trail running and bicycling again.

With all my 10-year training as a doctor / yoga teacher / personal trainer and experience as a low back pain patient, I believe I can help you get better step by step.


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